vinilos decorativos cottoncut



Cottoncut® appliances Known to have their own life and perharps then the refrigerator with which we come face to face with more regularity. Hence the idea of giving a personal touche will remind us that we are different every day we open its doors. And Everyone Knows that we open the refrigerator several times a day. Because, the most useful elements in a house can be tranformed into something dinamic, bold, and glamorous. So, whenever you have guests, your appliance will be one of the subject of conversation. For that reason, we believe that our sticker creations, modern and colorful, can be converted into a reference and a bonus attraction for all, and even more, for those who want their house to be something different in every aspect. Especially for those who bet on the striking and risky. Cottoncut® has prepared designs that come in through the eyes and are designed for the whole family to enjoy.

Creations designed for the entire family. As everyone is going to open the refrigerator sooner or later during the day, our sticker designs couldn't forget anyone. Functionality and design are not at odds, indeed, we believe that it is the key to a successful product and these limited editions have presented it very much.

cottoncut stickers for appliances